piece1 [ pis ] noun ***
▸ 1 individual object
▸ 2 part separated from something
▸ 3 one of a particular type
▸ 4 writing/art etc.
▸ 5 object in board game
▸ 6 gun
▸ 7 coin of particular value
▸ 8 short distance
1. ) count piece of an individual object of a particular type:
I've used four pieces of paper already.
Power tools can be expensive pieces of equipment.
a ) a single instance of something of a particular type:
a piece of work/writing/research
a piece of nonsense
a piece of music
a piece of information/advice/news
2. ) count a part that has been cut, broken, or separated from something larger:
He divided the dough into four pieces.
piece of: The longest piece of wood was over four feet.
Would you like another piece of cake?
a piece of land
a ) a part that you fit together with other parts to make something:
I didn't expect the desk to arrive in pieces.
3. ) count piece of a single instance or amount of something of a particular type:
a piece of information/advice/evidence/legislation
a piece of work
I have another piece of news for you.
4. ) count a written, musical, or ARTISTIC work that someone has produced:
This vase is a particularly beautiful piece.
piece of: a piece of music/sculpture/poetry
a ) an article in a newspaper or magazine, or a part of a television or radio program:
My search began after reading a piece in the New Yorker.
write/do a piece on/about something: He had previously written an investigative piece about the killings.
5. ) count an object that you move in a BOARD GAME:
chess pieces
6. ) count AMERICAN INFORMAL a gun
7. ) count a coin that has a particular value:
a five-cent piece
a ) an old word meaning coin :
pieces of silver
8. ) singular AMERICAN INFORMAL a short distance:
You carry on up the river a piece.
(all) of a piece
the same as something else or as the rest of something:
This latest action is of a piece with his previous legal maneuvers.
go to pieces INFORMAL
to be so nervous or worried that you cannot behave in a sensible way:
If we mentioned the incident, she was likely to go to pieces.
in one piece
not badly damaged or injured:
As far as I know, Barbara is still in one piece.
a piece of cake INFORMAL
something that is very easy to do
pull/rip/tear etc. someone/something to pieces
to criticize someone or something severely:
Every suggestion was ripped to pieces by the committee.
smash/break/tear etc. something to pieces
to break or destroy something completely:
The furniture had been smashed to pieces.
piece 2 [ pis ] verb
,piece to`gether phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to learn the truth about something by considering all the separate bits of information you have:
Detectives are still piecing together the circumstances surrounding the accident.
2. ) to make something by combining separate bits:
The rugs are constructed by piecing together different colored strips.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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